2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser – Final Edition

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser - Image Surce: MotorAuthority

In case that you forgot, 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser is there to recommend you how this funny and attractive small truck looked like. But, do not tight to it too much, since the manufacturer called it “final edition” and announced stopping with producing of the model for the future. So, as some kind of breaking up, Toyota produced a redesigned model in couple hundred of units after which the production will finally stop. So the model which has marked great selling in between 2007 and 2014 over the world, thanks to its retro awkward design, even with left-hand driving option now is preparing for retirement. But, before that happen, allow us to share the design of this model, which will stay as a memory of this cute small truck.


2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser – Image Surce: Motor Trend

As you know, old FJ-s has been awkward and quirky, mostly because of the small designed box where all interesting details have been placed. The same attractive design has 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser but slightly redesigned to be modern and unique. Flat front end and flat roof support the squared shape of the car, with recognizable mesh rhomboidal front grille. Besides them are recognizable rounded old-fashioned lights and lumberjacks. Below them are a wide plastic bumper and a protection on the bottom, which both make this car even more cubic. The rear end is also flat and simple, with modest truck door and small rear lights. There is also plastic protection on the bottom and simple rear windows. Even though the car looks square, the edges are soft so the car is less retro than previous models. The car also has an important wide mirror on the left side of the hood, so the car has great clearance and easy driving. Offered color is beige in combination with black plastic.


2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser Interior – Image Surce: Motor Trend


The engine planned to be placed under the hood of 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser is 4.0-liter V6 petrol engine, paired with five-speed automatic transmission. As we concerned, that supposed to provide stable driving, with acceptable fuel consumption, which is expected on this sized trucks.

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser – Image Surce: Car and Driver Blog

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser Conclusion

Unfortunately, 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser is not allowed to US buyers, since the manufacturer has planned to sell it in Japan only. So, if you hoped that one of these classic but collectible models could be in your garage, you will not be able to buy it. However, knowing Toyota, the will surely offer something maybe even more awkward in the future.


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