2018 Toyota Corolla Review

Although 2018 Toyota Corolla has great design and obvious differences from the old model, we expected more for its 50th anniversary, as we know they in Toyota are celebrating with this model. Whatever the celebration is on the table, Corolla is still a simple and flat car, without much attractive details and changes in design. On the other hand, the number of more than 40 million Corollas sold last few years globally tells for itself, so we have no doubt that this model will be accepted in the same way as predecessors. The manufacturer has also offered two similar versions of the model – Corolla iM and sedan.


As we said, future buyers should not expect much novelties and attractiveness in 2018 Toyota Corolla thus not many changes have been made in this model. Recognizable trapezoidal bulged mesh mouth on the front bumper, visibly rounded with black plastic is the first thing you can see on the car, but there are two redesigned LED front lights, incorporated in rounded hood line. Instead of classic fog lights, there are small LED lights sorted in the line on the bumper’s sides. The rear end is also simple, with some curved lines as decoration and modern designed lights spread over the side of the car.


Even though there are no many changes inside of 2018 Toyota Corolla either, we must point at quality fabric in combination with leather on the seats and large horizontal center of the dashboard, rounded in chrome, with all important commands and buttons and large touchscreen above it. It is important to say that few changes are noticed on European model as well as some similarities with Toyota Auris, so Toyota fans will have a clue what to expect. Test driving showed that Corolla has roomy and spaced cabin, with comfortable additions.


2018 Toyota Corolla will be driven with a 1.8-liter four-inline petrol engine as every model before, paired with six-speed automatic transmission and CVT transmission as well. This engine produces 138 horsepower and 128 pound-feet of torque, but the acceleration time is not measured yet, even though we can expect higher number as CVT transmission literally slows the car. However, drivers on test driving say that it is still a stable and solid car, controlled by quality commands with great ground clearance for a sedan.

2018 Toyota Corolla Prices

There are not many changes in price and other conditions for 2018 Toyota Corolla. The base model will still cost around $18,550 (official Toyota Price), but there will be offered few trims as always:

– 2018 Corolla L: starting at: $18,550
– 2018 Corolla LE: starting at: $18,985
– 2018 Corolla LE eco: starting at: $19,385
– 2018 Corolla XLE: starting at: $21,985
– 2018 Corolla SE: starting at: $21,715
– 2018 Corolla XSE: starting at: $22,730

(Price source: Toyota)

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