2018 Toyota Century – new king of old school luxury

2018 Toyota Century will be a longer and wider third-generation of great and successful luxury car made by Toyota. After the first car in this class has been made, and that was Avalon, Lexus showed something similar with their Lexus LS, so Toyota offered a longer and bigger model called Century. The model had grown in 2017 and then disappeared. Now is time for coming back, and Toyota has made an effort to make that growth magnificent. Besides the longer car and wider wheelbase, they put the stronger engine, but kept traditional limo boxy shape, adding decorations and modernized details.


As we said, the manufacturer kept the same design in 2018 Toyota Century together with some minor changes. It will still have boxy, squared shape, as it always had and magnificent chromatic gridded grille with lights in LED technology. The rear end has sharp edges and old-fashioned taillights and the whole car has a wide chromatic line on the bottom.


All in the cabin of 2018 Toyota Century looks luxury and elegant. That is expected in this model and as we concern the manufacturer has not disappointed their buyers. There will be a high-luxury and quality soft-text upholstery in combination with woody details and wide and very practical dashboard. However, customers used to sit on leather will be able to order that version, too. There is large touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard and great details on steering wheel and doors. Things like 20-speaker sound system make traveling more comfortable.


Toyota decided to change the engine in 2018 Toyota Century by decreasing the number of vents from V12 to V8, which is first large change after almost 20 years of keeping the same engine strength and size under the hood. Now it has 394 horsepower and acceleration time of only 6 seconds. There are rumors that manufacturer is considering of placing a hybrid version of the engine, but those are not confirmed yet. If that is true, it could be THS II system with lithium-ion and nickel-metal hybrid batteries. The transmission will be the same as on previous models, and that is an automatic one.

2018 Toyota Century Release Date and Price

We are sure that you were more than pleased with 2018 Toyota Century, but unfortunately, we have information that American drivers will not be able to buy it in the US. The pleasure to enjoy in this car will have only Japanese buyers. The price is not clearly given by now, but we expect the same price as for current Crown, and that is $51,000 for the base model.

[Image Source: net car show]


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