2018 Toyota A-Bat Rumors and Spaculations

"This article is based on a rumors (It's not officialy confirmed)"
It was a long time ago when the first concept of 2018 Toyota A-Bat has been shown. Almost 10 years ago Toyota represented it in Auto Shows and since then we have heard almost nothing new about this car. We were sure that this will be an interesting and useful model even in 2008 when they represented the first model of it. Being longer than many Toyota cars, with four-foot bed, A-Bat is very practical for a heavy load. On the other hand, it still has a very attractive sedan-like design, with many interesting lines and decorations, which makes this car interesting for almost any types of drivers.


Being a car for all purposes, 2018 Toyota A-Bat simply has to be attractive and unusual. All of that you will see on this model. The car is like curved and longer truck, but with more sharp edges and interesting lights made in LED technology. The front end has shortened and sharpened hood, with thin lights incorporated in hood line. The rear end offers more cargo space and also thin lights, but also little sharp edges to make them attractive and interesting shape and design.


As the 2018 Toyota A-Bat is made for the future, that includes a much-modernized cabin, but futuristic in all parts. You will see a cabin made of light-weight materials, like fiber but to be more futuristic in bright yellow color. However, that is not all. The cabin has a large and wide dashboard, with all important commands placed in front of the driver. The most interesting part is steel parts, as the combination with yellow upholstery, so steel is on the seats, doors, and dashboard.


According to all we know about the engine in 2018 Toyota A-Bat, we can say that it follows Toyota’s future plans for making more environment saving models. Future buyers should not expect that much strong and fast cars anymore, but much more hybrid and fuel-saving models, like this, is. That includes a special hybrid engine under the hood of this car, that includes a special system, called Toyota Synergy Drive Engine, much better in driving, but more important, with much lower CO2 emission than any other models on the market.

2018 Toyota A-Bat Release Date and Price

Buyers have waited for this car almost 10 years, but we can say that they have what to wait for. If you are one of them, you should be patient to the end of the year, when 2018 Toyota A-Bat will finally be on the market. Starting price should be around $40,000.


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