2018 Subaru XV – New Crosstrek

The new 2018 Subaru XV does not take many changes; even it is represented as a new crossover on the market, crammed with the new and attractive models again. As the opposite of many manufacturers, Subaru has not changed much in term of design, and there are few differences in term of the engine and equipment. But, new Subaru got a jacked up chassis and suspension, upping the car and providing a new level of greatness and attractiveness. Details, on the other hands, support the looking of the refreshment in the approach, offering a modern sporty car with the known features.


There are some details which prove that 2018 Subaru XV is made for off-road purposes, maybe more for that than for city driving. Those details are, besides the height and many plastic protections on the sides of the car, better-incorporated fog lights, LED lights on the front end with the plastic frame around them, sharp front end with the curved lines on the hood and upper rear end with the aluminum protection on the bottom of the bumper. The special details are corner lights so the car is visible in dark and porters on the roof. The car is lower looking from the front end and higher and upper looking from behind.


If the outside of 2018 Subaru XV is sporty, the inside is as on many luxury sedans, and that is not only the first impression. The large dashboard, made of luxury materials and chromatic details, follows the quality leather on the perfectly shaped seats. In the middle of the dashboard stands large 8-inch touchscreen with all commands and important buttons, while on the top of it is smaller, 4.5-inch display with such information like speed and fuel consumption. There are some changes in air vents place and button layout. The second row is larger and perfect for taller passengers.


There is no clear information about the engine options in new 2018 Subaru XV, but the manufacturer has confirmed that we should expect 2.0-liter direct-injection petrol engine in the base model. Thanks to the light weight and better arrangement of parts, it is 80% faster than on the current model, which supports the strength of the engine of 152 horsepower, which is stronger than the current model. The engine will be paired with six-speed manual transmission.

2018 Subaru XV Price

It is expected that starting price for 2018 Subaru XV is around the $21,650, but that is only for the model without any addition, which has many in there. It is more likely that future buyers should expect the price around the $25,000.

[Image Source: cnet]


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