2018 Honda Odyssey – Minivan Review

2018 Honda Odyssey

2018 Honda Odyssey proves the fact that today mini-van cars are not the same as their predecessors from a few years ago. The reason is changing of design, engine strength and overall look closer to SUVs after the long domination of those vehicles on the market. That is why we asked what actually makes minivans vans when they usually look like SUVs? The answer will not be given with Odyssey either since it is a large, wide and high vehicle, but with perfect ground clearance and a wide third row of seats inside of the modern and comfortable cabin.
2018 Honda Odyssey


The recognizable front end has not been much changed in 2018 Honda Odyssey so we are still able to see classic Honda minivan with the sharp front end. The main difference is soft V-shape in the middle and wide chromatic line, with large redesigned LED lights on the ends of the front bumper. There is wide air intake below it and rounded fog lights. However, prolonged rear end with classic rear lights and thin spoiler on the top of truck door supports the traditional look and design. The feeling of massiveness supports large 19-inch low-profile tires and wide skid plates with deep curved lines on the side of the car.
2018 Honda Odyssey


As we said, 2018 Honda Odyssey shows that minivan can be wide and comfort as SUV, which is supported by three rows and plenty of space between them. But, there stops the look of classic SUV, thanks to high luxury leather in two colors on the seats, modern and impressive dashboard, many chromatic details and wide steering wheel with important commands in the middle. In terms of equipment, there are only high-tech items, like 8.0-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi connection, Heart radio, smartphone connection, an improved navigation system, as well as vacuum cleaner built-in the vehicle.


Even though the manufacturer has changed many things in 2018 Honda Odyssey, when it comes to the engine he kept the same proven powertrain. That is 3.5-liter V6 petrol one, taken from Pilot, with 286 horsepower and time of increasing the speed of 6 seconds. Matching with the nine-speed automatic transmission is not the end of improving since manufacturer upgraded the transmission and paired it with the engine in perfect combination. As that is not enough, there will be offered a stronger, 10-speed transmission for higher trims.
2018 Honda Odyssey

2018 Honda Odyssey

The base model of 2018 Honda Odyssey costs around $45,000, but with all those additions it could go over $47,000 or even more. Release date should be at the end of the year.


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