2018 Honda Odyssey 10-speed Automatic

Even though 2018 Honda Odyssey 10-speed Automatic has aimed to be a classic family minivan, it has so many features logically belonging to three-row crossovers, so it is hard to draw a line between those two car models. It is not only about the size and engine strength, many details are simply connected with large crossovers, including the removable seats, rich infotainment system, high-tech equipment and luxury cabin design. If we know that this model shares the platform with Pilot, the large crossover from this manufacturer it is not strange that the size and shape are almost the same as on that model.


2018 Honda Odyssey 10-speed Automatic – Image Source: Car and Driver

You will see that 2018 Honda Odyssey has so many details we already saw on Pilot and many other large crossovers, that it is hard to define what is the main difference between them and Odyssey. Short but impressive front grille provides long ground clearance, which is the main feature of this car. The front grille is in shape of the line, with wide chromatic grids. It ends with incorporated front lights. Squared fog lights are above small air intakes, also at the end of the wide air intake on the bottom of front bumper. Wide skid plates are removed and now are there deep curved lines. The rear end has a flat truck door with sun protection in shape of wide spoiler on the top of the rear glass.


2018 Honda Odyssey 10-speed Automatic – Image Source: Auto Evolution

All we saw in 2018 Honda Odyssey 10-speed Automatic cabin in term of technology and equipment is made with high-technology devices. Aside from the high luxury represented in brown leather and high-quality plastic, there are three rows of seats, with removable seats in the second row so this van becomes great luxury limo for high class. However, the downing of the third-row seats enlarges the cargo space, so with this vehicle, you actually get both high luxury car and practical transport car. There are many devices in term of technology there, like large touchscreen, with a screen for the second row, and built-in vacuum cleaner.


The planned engine in 2018 Honda Odyssey is 3.5-liter V6 with 280 horsepower. This engine can increase the speed of 60 mph for only 6 seconds. However, stopping at that speed is around 184 feet which is much longer than on other SUVs. Although the last model had nine-speed transmission, this model will get 10-speed automatic transmission for better driving performances.

2018 Honda Odyssey 10-speed Automatic – Image Source: Car and Driver

2018 Honda Odyssey 10-speed Automatic Prices

The starting price for New Honda Odyssey 10-speed Automatic is $45,450 , but if we take in mind now many things future buyers will be able to upgrade to the base model, it could be much higher.


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