2018 Honda Jazz Price and Design

2018 Honda Jazz

Even though the last model has not been renovated enough, 2018 Honda Jazz is there to change the first impression and offer the same model but with many novelties and changes in design. However, some buyers could be disappointed as those changes are still not that attractive as we expected when the redesigning of the model has been announced. Being a premium hatchback for families and younger buyers, Honda Jazz or Fit (as some market called it) is still cute, small but a luxury car with many details to show modernity and style. As we saw by now, it is a decent competitor to Toyota Yaris, which is manufacturer’s main goal.
2018 Honda Jazz


If the front bumper on 2018 Honda Jazz looks like on current Civic you are not wrong, it is borrowed from this popular model. That means wide chromatic V-shaped line in the middle of the front grille, which ends with modern and thin LED lights. This sharp front end finishes with plastic protection on the bottom and wide air intake. The lifted rear end is simpler, has interesting rear lights which go along the flat truck door. It also has plastic protection on the bottom with two exhausts on the sides.


The cabin in as small and simple car as 2018 Honda Jazz is must be small, but it is noticeably comfortable and attractive for the car in this class. Made of two colored quality fabric, it has adjustable and comfortable seats, with the small but perfectly designed dashboard. We are still not sure in design in every of the version of the car since some of them will be offered for the Asian and European market, which demand differently designed cabins. In terms of technology, it is worth of mentioning things like lane departure warning, keyless entering and starting, 7-inch infotainment system, rearview camera and cruise control.
2018 Honda Jazz


It is for sure that 2018 Honda Jazz will have the same engine as the current model, which means 1.5-liter i-VTEC petrol engine with 117 horsepower of strength. It is more likely that manufacturer will offer a hybrid version for the Japanese market only. Base model should be paired with six-speed manual transmission, while higher trim versions could have different transmissions. Japanese buyers could get RS sporty version as well. Even though the manufacturer has not shared information about the engine efficiency and fuel economy, we expect the same numbers as on the current model.
2018 Honda Jazz

2018 Honda Jazz

We expect that 2018 Honda Jazz will be shown on US market at the end of 2017, and base price should be around $15,000.


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