2018 Honda Jade with new face

2018 Honda Jade

2018 Honda Jade could be a version of the known model but made in completely different location to be less expensive and acceptable for wide use. That new location should be somewhere in Asia, which is usually followed by new design and modern approach in the promotion. As we concerned, Jade will be not only acceptable for middle and lower class, but also simpler designed and modern composed. However, do not expect changes only in terms of design and exterior look, as we heard, the manufacturer has planned few changes in engine strength and in the cabin.
2018 Honda Jade


The recognizable sharp front end is now fulfilled with new LED lights, thinner and well incorporated under the hood line, while the bottom of the front end on 2018 Honda Jade is made of simple black plastic, with rounded fog lights on the ends. Below them is thin mesh air intake. Lifted rear end has redesigned lights, cleverly separated into two parts, where the first one is placed on the truck door and second one on the bumper’s side. The first impression that we are dealing with elegant and classy car supports simple and flat truck door and thin spoiler on the top as a sun protection. There is also plastic protection on the bottom.
2018 Honda Jade


As we assumed the cabin in 2018 Honda Jade is simple but spaced, adjusted to families and group of passengers. However, the impression of simplicity, supported by dark fabric on the seats and simple plastic, is forgotten thanks to the wide and interesting designed dashboard with a lot of attractive chromatic details. There is large touchscreen in the middle of it and perfectly made button layout below it. Even the manufacturer has not shared the equipment list so far, it seems that many of devices there are not original and worth for mentioning.


There is a confirmation that 2018 Honda Jade will not change the engine in the base model, which means that they will use the same 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 306 horsepower and 296 pound-feet of torque. If we know that current model uses special VTEC system and fuel injection that should not be surprised in this model either. This engine is capable of increasing the speed of 60 mph for less than 5 seconds and top speed is measured on higher than 150 mph. Other numbers are not known by now, as well as the other engine versions planned to be placed in this vehicle.
2018 Honda Jade

2018 Honda Jade

The price for base model starts from $16,000 and could go up to $23,000. Release date will be at the end of the year.


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