2018 Honda CR-V Hybrid – Revealed At Auto Shanghai 2017

As the Honda fans expected, and some rumors had confirmed, the new 2018 Honda CR-V Hybrid will be in the markets very soon. The new version is actually only an upgrading of the last one, so there will not be many changes in term of the design and equipment, as many changes should be offered in engine solution. Honda simply has to change something in their crossovers class, since the competitors had changed a lot in past years. Many of those changes are in term of the fuel economy and optional green engines. With this model, Honda actually kept the step with the novelties and offered a new version of the well-sold car last year.


Do not expect many changes looking from the outside of 2018 Honda CR-V Hybrid because the manufacturer has not much time to make them for a year. Instead of that, there will be changed only some details in front and rear end, which are, let be honest, basically almost the same. The front grille is still massive and large, with a recognizable chromatic line over the mesh grille, as the connection between the thin front lights, incorporated in rounded hood line. The rounded roof, lowered at the end finishes in short rear end, with the curved truck door and trapezoidal large rear lights.


The cabin of 2018 Honda CR-V Hybrid, even that is not clearly confirmed, should be the same as on the current model with a petrol engine, meaning leather and quality plastic on the dashboard, steering wheel, and perfectly shaped seats. In the middle of the dashboard stands 7.0-inch touchscreen with the all needed commands and buttons, while the speedometer behind the steering wheel is digital and visible to the driver. There will also be offered many additions, like USB/AUX ports, Bluetooth connection, a navigation system, adjustable cruise control and many other things.


The engine option is highly interesting in 2018 Honda CR-V Hybrid because manufacturer actually has made changes mostly in that field. The basic engine, currently seen in Honda Accord is 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine with 1.3 kilowatt-hours lithium-ion battery. This combination is capable of sending 212 horsepower of strength. Measured fuel economy is 48 mpg combined, which is among the most economic engines in class.


According to the truth about cars site, Honda aims to reach one-third of the all-electric vehicle market at the world in years to come, and with 2018 Honda CR-V Hybrid it will surely go up on the list of these cars for now.

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[Image Source: Truck Trend]


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