2018 Honda Accord – Reveal

2018 Honda Accord - Image Source: Cnet

When the first photos of the car show up, they are always covered and protected from the curiously glances, and we used to see them like that, but photos of 2017 Honda Accord are like the manufacturer has something very serious and big to show us. That is why we could not wait to share with you what we found out by now and describe at least basic features in the new car model. It was not easy at all, keeping in mind that the 10th model of Honda Accord has been covered with the very thick and black protection layer, but we had a clue what it will look like in the future only with the photos.


2018 Honda Accord – Image Souce: Auto Blog

As we could see on these spy photos, the new 2018 Honda Accord will be sportier and sleeker mid-size sedan, maybe too similar to the other cars in the class. Although the car is hidden, we could see an angular front end and rounded roof, lowered at the end, where is a cubic truck with the short extension. However, the whole car is impressively modern and flat, with the large glasses and obviously great vision during the driving. It is also obvious that Honda used the same platform as on the current Civic, so that should provide to you a clue about the new car shape and design.


2018 Honda Accord – Image Souce:CNet

Even though the photos we could not see through the windows, we could take a look at the dashboard and steering wheel, visible on some of the photos we saw. The dashboard on 2018 Honda Accord is sportier and modern designed, with great availability to the driver. Being lighter but larger, the new Accord should provide more space for the passengers inside, but in combination with the modern devices and technology, it should be the right choice for younger buyers.


The engine is not confirmed by manufacturer yet, but we can say that it is expected to be one of the 4-cylinders Honda used by now. That is confirmed by the same platform used by now, but for this size car that is the obvious solution. That is why the motor authority site expects the four-cylinder engine instead of V6, currently used on some models. It is also expected to be connected with the hybrid version, together with strong for 212 horsepower.

2018 Honda Accord – Image Souce: Driving

2018 Honda Accord Release Date and Price

Many things should be known at the end of this year, so we should wait for the 2018 Honda Accord releasing date. The expected price should not be over $22,000 for the base model.


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