2018 Ford Mustang Liberty Walk

2018 Ford Mustang Liberty Walk is not a newly designed model from Ford, but only with the main change in the cover which this car gets and which is made by special Japanese factory Liberty Walk. The popular manufacturer is specialized in making kits and covers for already designed cars, so the classic shaped and designed model gets completely new details which distinguish it from other models in the class and even from the predecessors. You were being able to see it on Nissan GT-R, Toyota GT-86, Ferrari 488 GTB and Lamborghini Aventador. All of these models were undergone changes and upgrades only thanks to Liberty Walk company, which made them modernized and unique. This time Ford Mustang got it chance to become different from the competition.


As the company which has long experience in covering the new cars, Liberty Walk has changed many of American classic cars including popular Dodge Challenger. After they have proved that American muscle cars are nothing for their creative team, they passed on 2018 Ford Mustang, making special white additions on bumpers, over the wheel and on special parts of the truck.

As a classic muscle car as 2018 Ford Mustang simply has to be attractive without any additions and covers, but this time it has many changes in details which will surely attract buyers’ attention. To remind ourselves, Mustang has a wide rhomboidal front grille, with plastic grids and thin LED front lights. The rear end is a classic flat truck with a wide and highly positioned spoiler on it, and maybe old-fashioned rear light. Some curved lines are over the sides of the car, while slightly rounded roof drops on the rear end.

Thanks to Liberty Walk, this car got white details on hood, side skits, fenders flares, front splitter and special white look got a spoiler. But, that is not all. Liberty Walk always changes a little the design of the car, making it unique and they did that this time, too. The car is now lower, literally lying on the ground, with large wheels and additions on the bottom of the car. Fender flares have exposed rivets, too.

2018 Ford Mustang Liberty Walk Release Date and Price

If you are eager to see how this amazing resolution for 2018 Ford Mustang looks like life, you should visit Nation Tuning Fest in Japan on October 9, when this model will have a premiere. Even though the manufacturer has not finished the final version of this car, this will be a model how this car will actually look like. You can find price list in link below.

Source: Liberty Walk

[Image Source: Motor1]


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