2018 Ford Endeavour – made to compete Fortuner

2018 Ford Endeavour is the Indian version of famous models in US and Australia. We have Ford Ranger in US and Bronco in Australia with similar features and details in design and engine performances. However, as those models have been changed over the years, Endeavour also has to be changed, even though there are only three years of its existing on the Indian market. In case that you have doubt about changes, you should see how Explorer and Expedition, also models under Ford name, has been changed. However, most of those changes are in term of exterior design, although the manufacturer has announced some differences in engine performance and strength, those are not for sure yet.


As we said, 2018 Ford Endeavour should not be much changed from the current model, as it is in mid-cycle updating right now. However, there is few visible changes worth of mentioning. If we look at the front of the car, we will see recognizable rhomboidal front grille and protection on the bottom of it made of steel. As the car is large and aggressive, everything should be big size on it, including large 18-inch tires and massive bumper. The manufacturer put a chromatic line all over the car, like on windows and on the bottom of bumpers.


Ford has put excellent equipment in the cabin of 2018 Ford Endeavour as always, so it is not only comfort but a useful and practical car. Made for eight passengers in three rows, the car provides roomy cabin with space for legs and knees, with all needed protection. Ford also put popular equipment, proven in other models, like Sync 3, Electronic Stability Program and many high-tech devices included in 8-inches touchscreen, together with safety programs like a rearview camera and air bags. These size cars are usually made for families, so entertainment system is on a high level and provides fun even for small children.


As the current model has 2.2-liter TDCi petrol engine, 2018 Ford Endeavour will have the same one, producing 158 horsepower. In case that you are not satisfied with it, you will be able to choose a model with 3.2-liter diesel TDCi engine with 197 horsepower. Paired with six-speed automatic transmission, they should be useful and economic, while diesel engine has an all-wheel driving system together with the optional manual transmission.

2018 Ford Endeavour Release Date and Oruce

Do not be surprised with the price of almost $40,000 for the base model, because that is the price for the current model, too. Revealing date is expected at the end of the years of Indian Car Expo.


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