2018 Ferrari California T – replacement with Ferrari Portofino

2018 Ferrari Portofino - Image Source: car and driver

Even though we are writing about the 2018 Ferrari California T it is important to say that this car will not be on the market under this name anymore. This time it is called Portofino and it should represent a new era in producing of it, which moves to Italy, its original place of origin. That also means that the model will not be produced in California, US anymore. However, the manufacturer kept all great things in the model it inherits from the predecessor, including the great sporty design and equipment. On the other hand, there are many improvements that will please you.


2018 Ferrari Portofino – Image Source: Net Car Show

The exterior of 2018 Ferrari California T is almost the same as on the last model, so we are sure that old buyers will be satisfied. There is the same sharp front end with slightly different gridded grille and thin and incorporated under the hood LED front lights, designed to provide a special sporty angry look of the car. The rear end has a shorter truck door and large LED lights with some decorations on the truck door. The car is aerodynamic, mostly thanks to the curves on the sides of the car and much longer front end that the rear end. It is 0.6-inch longer and 0.1-inch wider than the old model.


2018 Ferrari Portofino Interior – Image Source: CNet

According to all we know about 2018 Ferrari California T so far, it should not be different inside from the last model. That means the same equipment and design, with slight changes in details. However, as we saw in manufacturer’s specification, there is available 10.8-inch touchscreen, 18-ways adjustable seats, a retractable hardtop and much more space in rear seats that the last model had, so we can say that manufacturer has improved the cabin and removed all boring and useless things.


The manufacturer has not changed the engine in 2018 Ferrari California T, so it is again front-mounted twin-turbocharged 3.9-liter V8 petrol engine that produces 591 horsepower and 561 pound-feet of torque. On test driving, it increased the time of 60 mph for 3.5 seconds, which is slightly slower than the previous model had. However, the top speed of the car is 199 mph as the manufacturer said, and that is more than the last model had.

2018 Ferrari Portofino – Image Source: Net Cars Show

2018 Ferrari California T – Ferrari Portofino

2018 Ferrari California T (or Portofino) will be represented on next Auto Show in Frankfurt which will be held in September. The manufacturer has not said the price, but it should be the same as for the last model and that is $205,000.


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