2018 Dodge Rampage Rumors and Predictions

"This article is based on a rumors (It's not officialy confirmed)"
2018 Dodge Rampage is a practically all you need from a car. It is large and heavy, providing large cargo space for all types of loading you may need. It is also very comfortable, especially in the cabin, offering seven seats in three rows for tall and big passengers, as well as for big families. Those who had a chance to drive in it said that seven adult and big passengers feel comfortable in this cabin without any problems. Besides that, the new Rampage has improved suspension system and larger wheels for stability and finally, it has redesigned design.


Speaking about design, 2018 Dodge Rampage may look familiar at first glance, but that is only the first impression, probably because the manufacturer has chosen to put everything average buyer need from the truck like Rampage is. Standing on large 22-inch wheels, Rampage has massive ends and the large truck behind the big cabin. The impressive front bumper has 60-side crossbar grille, made of mesh and metallic components and fulfilled with modernized LED front lights. In order to spare the space, the manufacturer made rear doors as sliding ones, so they occupy less space, but allows to the passengers easily entering.


Not only that cabin in 2018 Dodge Rampage is functional and comfortable, mostly thanks to the size of the truck, it is made of high-quality fabric and designed to be like all modern trucks on the market nowadays. The wide and functional dashboard is made of quality plastic and fulfilled with chromatic details all around the center commands. The manufacturer has put the best in terms of technology, so you can find Wi-Fi connectivity, USB connection, rich infotainment system and cruise and navigation system.


There are rumors that 2018 Dodge Rampage will be driven by HEMI 5.7 V8 engine made by special Chrysler’s Multi-Displacement System and with 345 horsepower of strength. Even though there are also rumors about possible diesel and a hybrid version of this engine, they are not confirmed yet. Paired with the five-speed automatic transmission it showed 15-18 mpg in terms of fuel consumption. Other numbers (as speed and acceleration time) are not known yet.

2018 Dodge Rampage Release Date and Price

Even though it is a 2018 model, there are high chances that you will be able to buy 2018 Dodge Rampage at the beginning of 2018 or even in the middle of it. Base price should be around $30,000, but with all trims that could grow for $10,000.


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