2018 Buick Firebird and Trans Am Comaback Rumors

2018 Buick Firebird and Trans Am
image credit: trans am depot

"This article is based on a rumors (It's not officialy confirmed)"
If you are to believe the internet and numerous amounts of unverified information circling around, the 2018 Buick Firebird and Trans Am, or at least a version of them is getting ready to hit the showrooms next year, marking an unprecedented comeback for the Firebird and the Pontiac brand respectively. A video recently uploaded to you tube makes the best case for this rumored comeback, showing a new Buick performance vehicle in the shape of a Firebird and/or Trans Am.

2018 Buick Firebird – This is the image that started the whole story. In our humble opinion it is fake and just a rumor, but we will see!

Unfortunately for everyone involved, this infamous resurrection of the iconic Trans AM is highly unlikely since Pontiac the company is in a steady decline and resuscitating their old models may not currently be at the top of their agenda.

What’s in the video?

The Firebird and Trans Am were untimely discontinued back in 2002 and not to long after Pontiac saw the first signs of its decline. Ever since the Firebird and Trans Am enthusiasts and fans alike have been waiting for a new version of their favorite models. Now, the Pontiac brand itself is miles away from making their own comeback, but as the video presented above suggests, Buick and GM are more than capable of delivering brand new versions of the iconic models all the while bolstering their own performance line. Even if there is little truth to it, you can’t deny that this is a rather interesting proposal. A 2018 Buick Firebird and Trans Am models would make an exciting addition to the Buick’s luxury lineup.

2018 Buick Firebird and Trans Am
image credit: the drive

2018 Buick Firebird and Trans Am Release date and Price

If Buick does decide to release the new Firebird and Trans AM models they will most likely arrive as 2018 models, but since there haven’t been any plans unveiled for the current 2017 model year, it is hard to speculate. Likewise, the pricing information is also a little hard to determine, but we expect that the new models will start anywhere from $36,000 to $45,000.

2018 Buick Firebird and Trans Am
image credit: trans am depot

Once more, however strong the desire for its comeback, we are doubtful that the 2018 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird will make its appearance in the near future.
But we can all dare to dream.


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