2018 Bentley Continental GT – Spy Shots

The 2018 Bentley Continental GT represents new ideas and plans of the manufacturer, following the old ones which made from this car something like an icon. As we know that Bentley has been shown for the first time on Geneva Auto Show in 2003, we also know that this car has undergone many changes during these long 14 years. It is time for the new model, and the manufacturer has made an effort to make the same interesting and attractive car, but also to follow the needs and expectations of the market of luxury cars. Those who know how old Bentley is and what manufacturer has been announcing for couple years ago will not be surprised with the new design, but there are still many novelties which should be mentioned.


As the first impression is the fact that 2018 Bentley Continental GT is almost the same as Bentley’s EXP 10 speed 6 concept, debuted in 2015. However, do not be fooled with that information, because this is not a successor of that prototype, and surely is not the model which was planned then. This time, the Bentley is sleeker and more attractive, with dynamic and sportier look with a touch of luxury and style. Thanks to the Porsche who was the designer of the platform, the new Bentley is not only an attractive car but much lighter than last models. It is more likely that the platform used for designing this car is larger, rear-wheel-driving one, with the engine built-in on the front end, taken from Volkswagen Group’s MSB, already used for 2017 Porsche Panamera. The sporty look and impression are achieved with the lightweight materials like aluminum and carbon fiber or something new like high-strength steel. As this option has turned out as a smart one, it will be used in redesigning of Flying Spur, too.


Maybe the only difference between 2018 Bentley Continental GT and prototype Bentley’s EXP 10 speed 6 concept is in the numbers of seats and size of the cabin. Although there are rumors that it could be two seats only, according to the size of the cabin and the whole car, the more realistic option is that new Bentley will be a 2+2 car. Spy photos showed digital instrument cluster and that is the only information we have for now.


Let’s say that the most likely engine is strong and powerful 6-liter twin-turbocharged V12 one with direct fuel injection, 600 horsepower and 582 pound-feet of torque, like on the last model. It is also good to mention that manufacturer has used V8 and V12 in his vehicles, as well as diesel ones, so those also are on the list of engine options for the new 2018 Bentley Continental GT.

2018 Bentley Continental GT Release Date and Price

The new Bentley will be on the market at the end of this year as 2018 model, then we expect that Bentley will launch a redesigned convertible version. The price is still early to be known, and we can speculate, but we will wait for the spaculation a little longer, to see what will happen to market, and will Bentley give some hint about the price.

[Image Source: Autoevolution]


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