2017 Trans Am Bandit Edition – Custom Made

Trans am Depot company first time revealed their masterpiece The Trans Am Se bandit on the New York auto Show in 2016. It is based on original 1977 trans am special edition and produce in symbolic number of 77 units. The black Pontiac Firebird Trans Am has been an iconic sports car ever since it was featured in the 1977 film Smokey and the Bandit. There are information that there is 2017 Pontiac Trans am out there (internet misleading info, we all know that Pontiac is dead and that they do not make cars any more), but they do not know that there is 2017 Trans Am Bandit Edition – Custom Made, and here is what we know about it.

The main star of the movie Burt Reynolds has signed each of the 77 The Trans Am Se bandit cars, they will make it limited edition to just #77 units, and was there to introduce the vehicle. The price for one of the “Bandit” Trans Am is about $115,000 and you can order one through http://transamdepot.com/. Brothers Scott and Tod Warmack formed brand Trans Am Depot in 2011 with help of Jim Dowling and graphic designer Kevin Morgan. Thanks to them Gto and the Trans Am have returned to the market. The shop mostly restored classic cars and give them new and;feature style, just like they did with this one.

Image credit :transamdepot.com

2017 Trans am Bandit Edition Engine

This beautiful car as much as impressive is from outside that mach is impressive under the hood. Specifically it includes the 7.4-liter LSX V8 engine paired with a 2.9-liter supercharger which is good for 840 horsepower. Little to say that is vary improved compared to the 1977 trans am’s 185 horsepower and 6.6 liter v-8 engine. From standing start this trans am “bandit” needs about three seconds to hit 60 mph. His top speed is 200 mph.

Image credit :transamdepot.com


Visually it has more similarities to the original one. Most of the original details are there ,like gold accents on the nose and the screaming chicken decal on the hood, but it has more rounded shape and round lamps from front and back is improved with big trunk lid spoiler and a wraparound bumper. It includes familiar features as the shaker hood,t-top roof and two horizontal vents in the bumper. More similar details you will notice on the sides, such as front fender vent, trans Am lettering and the honeycomb wheels with gold highlights.

Image credit :transamdepot.com


On the other side 2017 trans am bandit edition interior is almost completely changed, it has more feature and modern style compared to the old version. The entire interior is done in black and gold color with some cool details. The seats are done in a familiar, classic trans arm style and they have some new design elements like “bandit” logo on the middle of the headrest and center console lid, and there’s a gold screaming chicken graphics on door panels just like on the hood.

Image credit :transamdepot.com

The Top Gear team has driven 2017 Trans am Bandit Edition – From Atlanta to Texarkana , here is what they toth about the amazing ride:https://carsclues.com/trans-am-bandit-edition-from-atlanta-to-texarkana/

Do not forget, there are just #50 units left from #77 units that they are making!

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