2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty Review and order info

Although there was much information about 2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty so far, nobody has really expected so amazing muscular car as this model has become. It is hard to believe that this is a reality, with all those interesting features already announced on Auto Shows the last couple of years. However, it is nothing new when the name Trans Am is about. Since 1974 when the first model has been shown, people expect the great name, with perfectly shaped chassis, strong engine and modern details under this brand, and so far we are not disappointed with all of them represented on this model. Besides that, the manufacturer has improved equipment in the cabin and added many interesting details for comfort and enjoyment.


As we expect, 2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty is an impressive muscular sporty car, but without all those boring and unnecessary details. Recognizable mesh doubled front end has a wide LED line instead of classic front lights and two gridded air intakes with small rounded fog lights. Above them is a sporty curved hood with a wide air intake in the middle. The rear end has modern dual exhaust incorporated in the well designed rear end. But the most interesting thing about this car is a fact that it is wholly made of fiber, printed in 3D technology, to preserve the best design and durability.


Even though there are no many known details about the inside of 2017 Trans Am 455 Duty, we know facts visible on photos made on Auto Shows which represents how the cabin in this car actually looks like. The most impressive thing should be leather on the seats, shaped to preserve relaxation and comfortable but stable driving. The whole cabin is designed to be sportier than other cars in this class, but with a touch of luxury, usually absent from cars like this.


You may have concluded what the number 455 in the name 2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty means, but if you have not, we are here to explain – it is the mark of special 455ci modified LT1 Direct Injection engine, which provides amazingly 1,000 horsepower of strength and 1,023 pound-feet of torque in strong 2.3-liter supercharged base. We are not sure in other numbers, like top speed or increasing time, but that information should be known very soon.

2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty Price

As official site claimed, only 77 models of 2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty will be offered, and first 50 of them are certainly already sold for buyers who put $3,000 as a deposit. If you hurry, you may be one of the other 27 lucky owners of this car.

Here you can order your 27 remaining Trans Am Super Duty:

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