2017 Toyota FJ by ICON Review

According to the information we have got, the well-known ICON Company, famous for creating customized and unique vehicles, has been preparing the new 2017 model of their original FJ. The off-road fans have been very enthusiastic and they have been keenly anticipating new features that will indulge their requests.


The body of the 2017 Toyota FJ has not changed much, compared to the original model made by ICON. The unique and recognizable styling, however, has undergone some improvements in terms of chassis construction. The high-grade aluminum will be used instead of the so-far used steel. The new FJ will be available in ten paint colors, that will be specially made for this type of vehicles and resistant to various natural conditions. Also, you will be offered three 18-inch alloy wheels versions. In the front part of the new FJ, you will find either steel or modern winch bumper. The headlights and the taillights will be using the LED technology. All in all, this vehicle will be designed for all sorts of terrains and adventures.


Inside the 2017 Toyota FJ, the ICON has prepared mostly unchanged interior with the original FJ’s details and features. You will notice the part-leather seats and the high-quality fabrics as well as many aluminum details. If one thing is certain, the 2017 FJ will provide plenty of headroom and legroom for the passengers. It will be comfortable enough for you to enjoy your adventure or even a ‘bumpy’ ride. However, since this model has been mostly customized for working or military conditions, and various types of terrains, you should not hope for the latest high-tech options and gadgets. ICON will keep it simple this time. You will find a digital instrument screen on the dashboard and LED lighting, according to the information we have heard.


So, what is this 2017 Toyota FJ hiding under the hood? Well, the ICON has decided upon a 5.7-liter V-8 engine. Such an engine will be able to provide 430 horsepower and 440 pound-feet of torque. The FJ will also be geared with a six-speed automatic transmission. Both the rear-wheel-drive and the front-wheel-drive system will be available.

2017 Toyota FJ by ICON Price

As we have already mentioned that these vehicles will be custom-made, the price of the 2017 Toyota FJ will depend on the version you choose and the features you request. So, if you want to possess this powerful and unique machine, we must inform you that the starting price will be around $ 180,000 and even go up to $ 250,000.

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