2017 Skoda Element Concept

It is not the first time that Skoda Vocational School and its students built a student car. It is the new 2017 Skoda Element and this concept presents a lot of innovative features aimed at young people, their everyday interests and activities. This concept, known as buggy, will be electrically powered and offers the latest equipment.


We have already mentioned that the 2017 Skoda Element will have a buggy appearance, so you cannot expect a roof and doors. No doors means that you just climb into the sports bucket seats. It will have only two seats. This vehicle will stand on the black/yellow 16-inch alloy wheels which will be wrapped in all-terrain tires. You will also notice the yellow brake calipers and many other details that the students paid attention to. There is also a black trim that frames the high wheel arches and the aluminum checker-plate strips can be found on the side sills. The headlights and the rear lights will be using the LED technology.


Since the new 2017 Skoda Element has no roof or doors, its sporty and attractive interior can be immediately spotted. What first get your attention are the sporty bucket seats. These seats will be covered in black leather with the yellow edges on them. The leather also covers the steering-wheel and the gearstick and generally, the inside of the new Element comes in a two-tone version. Perhaps, the most anticipated features are those concerning the latest high-tech options. Everybody has been interested in what the students had in their minds when they were creating this concept. Well, next to a navigation system, air-conditioning system and other standard features, you will also find a Smart TV. It will be placed behind the front seats and it will offer the Bluetooth connectivity with your smart phone. This concept would also provide speakers next to each seat as well as those in the boot.


So, what is the 2017 Skoda Element hiding under its hood? We have already mentioned that it will be electrically powered so it will also be more eco-friendly car, following the trends of the next-generation concepts. This concept will be equipped with an electric motor that will offer 82 horsepower and 155 pound-feet of torque. It will also be geared with the 18.7 kWh lithium-ion battery pack placed in the car floor. It has been said that the new Element will need 13 seconds to accelerate 0-60 mph and the estimated top speed is 80 mph.

2017 Skoda Element Concept Price and Release Date

When it comes to release date and the price of the 2017 Skoda Element, we must inform you that those two have not been confirmed yet. Currently, it is just a concept and a successful project of a trainee program, but we think that it will have a bright future.

[Image Source: net car show]


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