2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell – H-powered

The new 2017 Honda Clarity is a car not for everyone. First, it is because it has unique design and even measures which not everyone can fit in their garages and park spots, and the more important, it use electric power for driving, but only if it is full with the hydrogen, which is, let be honest, not very available right now even in the US. However, if you make it and found rare and expensive hydrogen station in the US, you will be able to fill your car for only three minutes and then continue with driving.

So, instead of waiting to fill your car with gallons of the fuel and do that in every couple of hours you can do it very quickly with hydrogen. The choice is yours.


As we said, 2018 Honda Clarity is larger and bigger for 123 inches from other models in same class, but the design and shape are close to the other green cars we know. The front end is lower and sharper, with very interesting chrome line in the middle of the LED front lights, which are thin and curved at the end of the hood. Below them are also very interesting and unique fog lights and large chromatic logo in the middle of the front end. Sharpen rear end is fulfilled with two rear lights, incorporated in rear spoiler and connected with the line in the middle for the truck door. Apart from these amazing shaped parts, the whole car is actually without many features and details, with flat sunroof and average wheels.


Nobody can deny that inside of 2018 Honda Clarify is like in some space shuttle. In term of comfort, it is like any other sedan, with additional leather and chromatic details all around the cabin. The luxury dashboard has chromatic button layout in the middle, slightly higher and at an angle which allows easy usage during the driving. We cannot confirm which devices and high-tech toys will be in the cabin right now, but in futuristic cars like this, everything is possible.


Now is time for the special engine type built-in 2018 Honda Clarity. We used to see electric engines on sedans and that is nothing new, but hydrogen engines are the future of the driving that is for sure. If you are not convinced in strength of the hydrogen engine, let say that this will have 174 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque, with the acceleration and speed like on 2.4-liter petrol engine. However, the lack of the stations is still a big problem for the owners of these cars.

2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Conclusion and Release Date

If you are sure that 2017 Honda Clarity is a car for you, then you should be prepared for the summer, when is expected to release date for this model.

[Image Source: the car connection]


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