2017 Buick Velite – Extended-Range Electric Vehicle

Although 2017 Buick Velite sounds as the new machine from the famous factory, it is an old model, specially redesigned for China market. As we saw in Shanghai at 2017 Auto Show, the name behind it is actually Chevrolet Volt, a popular electric car, which has already been sold in numerous units in the US, and this time it has a premiere in the country over the sea. How that happens, that one proven model simply changes the name for another market? The answer lies in high popularity of the Buick cars in China, so marketing experts decided to send the first model from the class under the recognizable name since it has to make a breakthrough on the foreign market.


At a first glance, there are no differences between Chevrolet Volt and 2017 Buick Velite. It is a classic sedan, with elegant and maybe a little muscular front end, trapezoidal grille with thin lights, and wide bumper with two air intakes below them. You may wee only a few curved lines on the side of the car, as well as a thin spoiler on the truck door, and there are only as decoration providing sporty but elegant look.


The cabin in 2017 Buick Velite is much wider than on the other models in the class, with chromatic details and quality fabric on the seats and dashboard. We expect the highest quality in equipment and technology in the cabin.


Nor engine in 2017 Buick Velite has been changed, so it is still dual-motor electric drive system, which includes, aside from the 1.5-liter range-extender an 18.4 kWh lithium-ion battery. Measured mile range for this battery is around 70 miles, which is higher than on current Volt – 53 miles. That supposes to be the only change from the Volt electric engine by now.

2017 Buick Velite Price

The information about 2017 Buick Velite should not be a surprise since the first announcement had shown in Guangzhou at the end of 2016. Before that, we have heard that Buick will debut a new line of electric cars under the name Velite and nothing more. Things are clear now and we are sure that Chinese buyers will enjoy in Chevy Volt as many of them in other markets by now. However, this is only a beginning of the new line of electric cars, called “Buick Blue” which should be continued with Buick La Crosse Hybrid and then a whole line of plug-in and electric cars. However, we are not sure in price of this renamed model, but is should be around the original price for base model for Chevrolet Volt and that is $35,000.


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