1941 Willys Duramax Batmobile is probably the most interesting diesel drag racing car on the scene. The crowd just love him and it’s instantly recognizable everywhere it goes. And lets not forget the most important fact, this car is vary, very fast.

Also 1941 Willys Duramax looks vary cool with it’s smoothed, stretched, and radically altered body. In case he do not succeed to attracts attention with his appearance , he will definitely do it with hiss extremely loud Duramax engine. With a nickname “Batmobile” and impressive look like this , you just have to have the performance to back it up. And let’s just say this thing definitely doesn’t disappoints in that arena.

Thanks to the Triple-X Motorsports team on capturing the action and make us feel like we are in front row to witness the one of the most powerful diesel machines hitting the drag strip.

The Willys Duramax Batmobile was able to crank out 1400 hp and an accompanying 2000 lb-ft of torque thanks to the 6.6 L Duramax diesel engine strapped with twin turbo setup. When you transfer those numbers to the strip you will find out that this amazing car is able to find its way into the 7-second range with trap speeds reaching 184 mph. Thanks for the info to the Speed Society.

In the video below you will see this powerful machine rushing down the strip, slashing some impressive numbers. I guess in the end , this car is impressive in every way. His performance matches with his look and the name.